The best way to register for our programs is via our online booking system from our Home Page. Reservations can also be made via telephone at 914-682-5135 but call volume is very high and this is not always possible. Please note: we no longer accept in-person reservations — all reservations must be made through our website or over the phone.

Our online booking system reflects our availability for all public programming, including tours, lessons and rentals. You can also call us at 914-682-5135.

If you cancel 48 hours or more in advance of your original reservation, you may receive a full refund. Up to 1 hour before your trip starts, you may contact our office and reschedule your reservation or receive Store Credit. Rescheduled reservations, or reservations made using Store Credit, are not eligible for refunds under any circumstances. If we are forced to cancel due to inclement weather, you may reschedule or receive Store Credit, but we cannot refund your reservation due to weather, even if we reschedule it for a future date. If you or portions of your group do not show up for your activity and fail to give proper notice, there will be no refund, no reschedule, and no Store Credit issued. Our on-site staff have limited administrative ability and authority, so be sure to contact our office regarding changes and cancellations. On-site staff are unable to change or reschedule reservations, issue Store Credit, offer refunds of any kind, or take any action that does not line up with this policy.

We have recently developed new health and safety protocols in response to the C-19 crisis. Please review them before your trip and adhere to the guidelines as much as possible while in attendance. Please note that face coverings must be worn upon arrival are required for all programs, but they may be removed once you are on the water. Social distancing is also required while on shore.

Review Our Policies By Clicking Here

Safety is our number one priority and we will cancel programs if we determine that the conditions will be too dangerous for paddling. Unsafe conditions include any sign of lightning or thunder, high winds, strong wave action, or a Small Craft Warning issued by the National Weather Service. We do not make the decision to cancel trips solely based on weather forecasts and often have to make these calls close to the start of the trip. If we cancel programs due to weather, clients are entitled to stored credit or a rescheduled reservation. We will run programs if we deem the conditions appropriate. This means we will go ahead even if the weather is less than perfect. We want you to come out on a day that you are happy and comfortable. Please reach out up to one hour before start time for any reason if you wish to reschedule or store credit with us for future reservations.

NO, we do not. We have recently moved away from all in-person transactions and will not accept them at this time. All programs must be reserved in advance via our online booking system or via telephone. Online reservations may be made up to one hour before the scheduled start time of the trip.

If there is a change to your group, reservations can be updated by calling our office at 914-682-5135.

YES. Our online booking system accepts all major credit cards. We no longer accept in-person credit cards payments at any of our locations; please make all credit card payments through our website or over the phone.

NO, we no longer accept cash payments.

We ask that you arrive 20 minutes before your trip starts. Please try to be prompt so you don’t hold up the trip. Rentals start at the time specified on the reservation which may not be flexible. If you are running late, please call our reservation line at 914-682-5135.

  • Tours are our guided kayaking programs, offering the use of full-length coastal touring kayaks and the assistance of our staff, both in preparation for the trip and while on the water. This includes a brief instruction session at the beginning of the trip, but is mainly focused on launching and enjoying the water. (Please note: Rye Beach Tours have participants paddling sit-on-top style ocean kayaks.)
  • Lessons are in-depth educational experiences, with a longer discussion on shore and detailed instruction before hitting the water and putting new skills to use.
  • Rentals are short excursions with no supervision or instruction — some kayaking experience is recommended, but not required, for hourly rentals. Rentals are the most economical choice, but offer minimal instruction. First-time paddlers: we recommend a tour or a lesson before renting on your own.

The SUP Instruct-Tour is a hybrid tour and lesson for those who are new to the sport of Stand-Up Paddleboarding. It is a guided program that goes over the basics of SUP technique and covers important safety topics before allowing for guests to enjoy time paddling at our scenic locations.

Reservations should be made as early as possible, but we will always do our best to accommodate last minute plans! Generally, calling four days in advance allows you to get a decent look at the weather and should give you enough time to secure the trip of your choice. Special trips, such as our Fireworks Paddles and our Sunset Kayak Tours book quickly; advance booking is recommended.

A pulse, good health and a desire to have fun. We will teach you the basics before and during the tour, so previous experience is not required.

Yes! Rentals are the best option for kids of all ages. Generally, children as young as 10 years old can come on our tours. Lessons are best suited for participants 14 years of age or older. However, the final decision on whether the trip is suitable for your child is based on their height, weight, age, and strength. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Usually, parents are asked to accompany their younger child in a double kayak. Private trips are also a great options for families and children.

  • Your dog is welcome to join you for your kayak or canoe rental at the TARRYTOWN LAKES ONLY. Please ensure your dog is leashed at all times. We do not have doggy life jackets but we recommend that you bring one for your dog’s safety on the water.
  • Croton Point Park does not allow dogs on the beach, which is where we launch our boats. Sadly, this means dogs are not permitted on kayak or SUP rentals in Croton Point Park. Please leave your dog at home unless you can arrange for someone to watch your dog while you are paddling. Dogs must remain off the beach and leashed at all times.
  • Rye Town Beach does not allow dogs. Please do not bring your dog to Rye Town Beach for kayak or SUP rentals.
  • No dogs on guided tours or lessons! Please do not bring your dog if you’re going on a tour or taking a lesson, as they won’t be allowed out on the water with you.
  • If you have specific scheduling or group needs, a private tour is best. A private weekday tour can be easily accommodated, and are possible on the weekends with advance notice.
  • Visit our Home Page to book a private trip via our online booking system, or give us a call at 914-682-5135if you have additional questions.

Yes! However, if you do, we suggest you bring a disposable waterproof camera. If you wish to bring your personal camera, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to it. When not in use, we recommend that you place the camera in a dry bag or zip lock bag to prevent water damage. Please remember that these bags will not prevent cameras or other heavy valuables from sinking.

A good rule of thumb is: plan for a day at the beach. A hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and water are essential. You also want clothes and footwear that can get wet and dirty. Footwear can be anything from old sneakers, sandals, dive booties or water shoes. Flip flops could work in a pinch. Try not to wear cotton because it tends to dry slowly and may make you cold. Synthetics dry quickly and will keep you happier. If the day looks windy, bring a windbreaker. A dry set of clothing to greet you on your return to land is also a good idea.

It depends on the type of inquiry. If your question is not urgent, e-mail is best: Or you can call us at 914-682-5135.

Yes, gift certificates are available. You can purchase them on our website or over the phone at 914-682-5135

  • Yes, we believe that paddling can be a safe outdoor activity for all to enjoy, even in these uncertain times, if our guidelines are followed by all participants. By developing new safety procedures and reorganizing our programs, we aim to operate modified versions of our usual tours, lessons, rentals, and private trips. Paddling provides ample space on the water for social distancing, and we will take every available precaution while on shore to ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff.
  • Guests should take all precautions that they feel are necessary and should aim to assist us in preventing the spread of communicable diseases. We suggest bringing hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to supplement our cleaning procedures. Your behavior will ultimately dictate the level of safety that we can provide; please do your best to keep everyone safe!
  • Please note that it is impossible for anyone to completely nullify the risks associated with participating in group activities during C-19. Our policies will minimize, but not remove, these risks. It is incumbent upon all guests to take responsibility for the health & safety of their group at all times.
  • Find out more on our COVID-19 info page.


  • NO. At present, we are asking all those who are at higher risk for severe C-19 symptoms to stay home.
  • According to the CDC, high-risk groups include those who are 65 and older, as well as anyone who is immunocompromised for any reason and anyone with moderate-to-severe asthma, chronic kidney disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes, hemoglobin disorders, liver disease, serious heart conditions, or severe obesity.
  • YES. All special health and safety policies will be enforced at the discretion of staff. These policies include social distancing, face covering while on shore, and pre-screening of all guests for symptoms and/or confirmed exposure to infected individuals.
  • We reserve the right to remove any person from our programs at any time before or during the trip. Any participants who do not adhere to our health & safety policies on the day of the trip will be removed from the program and no refunds will be provided.
  • Children’s participation in our programs is at the discretion of their parents/guardians. Our boats and SUPs are adult sized. We do have PFDs (lifejackets) for children according to weight. Double kayaks are best for children with an adult on board with them.

  • We advise against anyone under the age of 3 participating in our programs.

  • Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver and agree to their participation.

  • We strongly advise that minors are accompanied by an adult on the water but will allow minors 16 and older to participate with an adult supervising from shore.

  • For Stand Up Paddleboarding: We STRONGLY ADVISE against anyone under the age of 14 (or any minor who weighs less than 120 pounds) renting a stand up paddleboard.

  • NO. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to store or securely maintain personal items while you are on your trip. All staff members have been instructed that we cannot accept responsibility for any personal items.

  • Please make sure to leave all valuables at home or in your car. You may elect to bring such personal items with you in a dry bag or waterproof container.

  • Yes, there are areas near our locations where you may elect to leave a bag containing non-valuables. However, we are unable to take ANY responsibility for these items and our on-site staff members do not have the purview to accept these items for any reason. All staff members have been instructed to indicate that they cannot take responsibility for any personal items.
  • NO. On-site staff members are unable to make any changes to your reservation once you have arrived.

  • Please call us at (914) 682-5135 or email us at at least one hour before your trip starts to make adjustments to your trip roster or other changes to your reservation.

  • When clients do not show up for a reservation, in part or in full, and fail to notify us of these changes in advance, we are unable to rent that equipment to another party. In these instances, we do not offer rescheduling or store credit, and we do not issue refunds for any cancellations with less than 48 hours notice.

  • NO. On site staff members have very limited administrative capabilities.

  • Please email us at — be sure to include the details of your trip and why it was cut short.

  • Or you may call our office at (914) 682-5135. Please be sure to leave a voicemail if we are unable to take your call and someone will get back to you shortly.

  • When clients who are scheduled to paddle do not show up for their reservation, in part or in full, and fail to notify us of these changes in advance, we are unable to rent that equipment to another party. As such, in these instances, clients are not entitled to rescheduling, store credit, or a refund of any kind. Please contact our office at least one hour before your reservation is set to begin.
  • Recreational Kayaks are stable “Sit-on-Top” style kayaks, with open tops that make it easy to enter and exit the boat. They are great for first timers and beginners, families with children, and anyone looking for a fun, stress-free kayaking experience.”
  • Touring Kayaks are “Sit-Inside” style kayaks with cockpits. These boats are faster and more performance oriented, less stable, and can be more difficult to enter and exit. They are not suggested for first timers. We encourage that all first timers join us for a guided tour or introductory lesson before renting a Touring Kayak on their own.”
  • NO. You must return at the specified end time, 90 minutes after the listed start time of your reservation. Other clients will be waiting for your boats for the next time slot.
  • Notifying us of your late arrival in advance may allow us to accommodate you — please be sure to call ahead if you anticipate arriving significantly behind schedule.
  • YES! If you return later than your specified return time (generally 90 minutes after you launch), we will charge you for a full session, equal to the total cost of your reservation.
  • Other clients will be waiting for your boats, returning late will impact their ability to get on the water punctually.
  • These charges will be automatically added to your reservation and will be charged to the credit card we have on file. You will receive an email indicating that you have been issued late charges. Please call or email us if you have any questions about these late charges.
Store credits are considered a “dollar value” credit that can be redeemed as a form of payment equivalent to the dollar value paid at the time of your original purchase. The store credit code issued to you should be input in the third step of the booking process on our website as a form of payment. Unless there is a price difference between the value of the store credit and your new reservation price, you should not have to input a credit card number.
Store credits can be used for any of our programs (rentals, lessons, tours, etc) and are not limited to the program that was originally signed up for.
Store credits are not transferable to other people and cannot be sold. Store credits are not refundable.
Store credit does not expire, but our prices and program offerings change so we suggest using them as soon as possible, ideally within 1-2 seasons.